Successful presentation and won first place in Turkey

Ensemble for folk dances and songs had successful presentation and won first place on the" International Folklore Festival "Sisli culture and art festival" which took place from June 28 to July 4 in Istanbul, Turkey. On the International Folklore Festival "Sisli culture and art festival" attended folklore ensembles from Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Rico, Indonesia, Ukraine and Egypt. Folklore ensembles were evaluated by 8-member jury composed of the President of the Federation of Turkish folklore, representing the federation of the city Istanbul and 6 proven experts in the field of folklore For the duration of the festival our ensemble had more successful performances presenting dances and songs from region of Skopje, dances and songs from Eastern and Aegean Macedonia, choreography "Zetvarka", fragments of "Kalajdzisko oro" and Mariovska Tresenica. For all of its performances ensemble was using authentic folk costumes and the performances was accompanied by folk orchestra. First won place on this festival is great success for the members of Ensemble "Jonce Hristovski" that for the first time participate in the competition festival and we are very proud to represent our country Republic of Macedonia in the best light and contributed to its cultural affirmation.